Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

May 4, 2022

We all want a great-looking smile, but sometimes, things happen, and we lose our teeth no matter how hard we try. The important thing about tooth loss is not to give up after it happens. Whether you've lost one tooth or a mouthful, it's a good idea to find out what are your options when it comes to restoring your smile and gaining back your confidence and the ability to eat the food you love.

One popular option for patients that have dealt with traumatic tooth loss is dental implants. Dental implants offer patients the chance to permanently restore their lost smile and improve their overall quality of life in the process. Dental implants might not be the right option for everyone.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant is essentially a prosthetic tooth implanted either into the bone or the gum line. Once installed, these teeth are held in place by titanium and are permanent fixtures in the mouth.

A dentist will typically survey the patient's mouth to identify any underlying health issues before deciding if implants are the right choice. Once the examination of the mouth is complete, the dentist will begin checking to see if there is enough bone density in the patient's mouth to affix traditional implants. If not, the dentist may recommend a smaller version of the implants attached to the gum line instead.

An oral surgeon does the actual process of installing implants, and the patient has to be put under while the process is completed. There are options for individual implants combined with bridgework to restore the smile and even whole mouth implants where every tooth is replaced to restore the smile and ability to eat.

Many patients have to decide whether or not they want to go through with oral surgery to replace missing teeth. While the implants are permanent, some people still feel uncomfortable having prosthetic teeth bonded to their mouth.

Deciding whether implants are right for you will likely come down to whether or not you are comfortable with oral surgery.

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