Our Technology

We deliver excellent results at Saybrook Family Dental Care through the latest dental technology. Here are some of the cutting-edge technologies we use and how they help us improve the quality of your dental care.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

Dentists often need a detailed picture of the entire mouth, and this can be a complicated process that takes many different images and a ton of time. However, with the iTero Intraoral Scanner, our dentists can get a complete picture of the inside of a patient’s mouth without taking dental impressions on multiple surfaces.

The images are even fully colorized and extremely detailed, allowing our dentists to detect issues that may otherwise go unnoticed in a typical intraoral exam. The scanner creates an image of the entire mouth that we can examine in great detail.

Besides creating high-quality images in minutes compared to dental impressions, the intraoral scanner makes many other dental procedures and tasks much more efficient to get the services you need to be performed with less hassle and headaches.

Another benefit of our technology, including the iTero Intraoral Scanner, is that there is no longer a need for physical dental impressions that take a long time and are fairly invasive. We can create all the images of the mouth digitally to create a complete 3D picture of the mouth.

This process speeds up a typical dental visit and makes the entire process much more comfortable for patients.

X-Ray Technology

Another major component of our technology at Saybrook Family Dental Care is the range of X-ray technology options we use to get images of teeth, the jawbone, and other parts of the face and mouth.

X-rays are sometimes necessary for getting dental work done, and the array of available technologies ensures that we can give you top-notch care for your whole mouth.

Here are some examples of the technology we use and some questions folks have about x-rays as part of their dental care.


Dental x-rays are a-key part of any dental practice that gives the dentist more insight into the problem. From developmental issues and abnormalities to a better overview of your teeth, dental x-rays can be used to allow for better dental care and healthier smiles.

Having a Dental X-Ray Provides Valuable Insight

Dental x-rays help shed light on common dental problems, and their use is crucial in diagnosing and planning treatment options. Dental x-rays are also a reliable diagnostic tool for preventative measures and may help your dentist spot tumors that would have otherwise been harder to identify. Not only does having a dental x-ray help your dentist treat your current dental problems, but it can also be useful in bringing attention to potential dental problems early on. This saves you from any discomfort and keeps treatments affordable.

Are the Radiation Levels from X-Rays Safe?

Patients can rest easy knowing dental x-rays are only taken when necessary. The radiation exposure from a dental x-ray is lower when compared to conventional x-rays. Alternatively, a dentist may also recommend a digital dental x-ray as it exposes the patient to negligible amounts of radiation. It utilizes an electronic sensor to produce results that can be seen on a screen. Turnaround times are much faster as the results can be seen almost instantaneously.

What Is a Panoramic X-Ray?

Panoramic x-rays (Panorex®️) are dental x-rays that provide a dentist with a full overview of the patient’s entire mouth and jaw. They are also extraoral, making them painless and easy for the dentist to control. Cavities, bone fractures, and bone loss are just some problems diagnosed with a panoramic x-ray. These x-rays are used to take better a better overview of the TMJ and sinus areas. Its most common use case is to check on teeth’s positioning and how procedures like dental implants will affect other teeth.

Saybrook Family Dental Care is your local dental clinic in Old Saybrook, CT. We strive to deliver excellent results and are a go-to choice if you need a diagnostic x-ray for your dental treatments.