Dental Bridges 

Dental Bridges in Old Saybrook, CT

Missing teeth can negatively impact your life. You’ll lose confidence in yourself and may even lose the ability to eat certain foods. This can diminish your quality of life and leave you wanting a solution. A few missing teeth are not enough for dentures, and implants can be expensive and require surgery.

The good news is that Saybrook Family Dental Care offers bridges to correct gaps where teeth used to be. This is a very simple and the most effective procedure that gives patients back their smiles without the cost of dentures or implants.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a cosmetic/restorative option that replaces missing teeth. Bridges are skillfully designed to stay anchored and act as an artificial tooth root, holding the surrounding teeth tight together while filling out gaps left by one/more missing teeth.

This closes the gap and protects the rest of your teeth as they tend to be weakened after the loss of other teeth.

What Does a Dental Bridge Do for Your Teeth?

Bridges will support you with your natural bite and will also help you chew food properly, so it doesn’t destroy your other healthy teeth around them.

They also make speech clear with less slurring of words because bridges will maintain proper spacing between the upper and lower jaws on either side of the gap from lost teeth.

How is a Dental Bridge Installed?

An expert makes a bridge from a piece of a false tooth, called pontics.

The pontic shall be shaped and fitted to cover the space that is left by a missing tooth or teeth.

When it’s fixed in one place, your natural bite will feel more stable, and you can chew your food better without damaging any other healthy teeth around them. Your smile will certainly look better, but it will also feel better when you eat as well.

Want to Fix Your Teeth? A Bridge from Saybrook Family Dental Care is the Answer!

Why deal with tooth loss and gaps in your teeth that negatively affect your life when you can easily fix the problem by having a bridge installed. Contact Saybrook Family Dental Care right away when you’re ready to have a bridge installed!