Dental Veneers 

Dental Veneers in Old Saybrook, CT

Wanting to protect your teeth is something everyone likely feels at some point. Brushing and flossing can only do so much. While regular dentist visits are important, having an extra layer of protection would help teeth last longer and keep them from being damaged from daily activities like eating and drinking.

Thankfully there is that extra layer of protection available. Saybrook Family Dental Care offers veneers to protect your teeth for all of our patients.

What are Veneers, and How Are They Made?

Veneers are in fact thin pieces of porcelain that are custom-made to fit over the front surface and edges of your teeth. The veneers can be made in various shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and thickness, depending on what a patient is looking for.

Veneers are typically made to exactly match your natural tooth shape and color so that they don’t look out of place but are made so that they fit over the teeth and form a protective barrier that prevents from any further damage.

How Will Veneers Affect Your Teeth?

Once the teeth are fitted with veneers, they will cover any flaws or damages in your existing tooth enamel while giving it a healthier looking appearance. They will also provide an aesthetic look by making your teeth appear straightened if required and reducing their size whenever needed.

This makes them perfect for people with large gaps between their teeth or crooked, chipped teeth from accidents and life events out of our control.

Who is Eligible for Veneers?

This is a great option for people who are unhappy with their teeth, but it’s certainly not suitable for everyone. Veneers can be used for repair and restore damaged teeth and provide with cosmetic enhancements when necessary.

If you have any of the following mentioned problems or conditions, then veneers may surely help:

  • Gaps in between your teeth which make them difficult to brush properly;
  • The chipped off edge on your front tooth from an accident;
  • Teeth that appear to be too small due to wearing braces (Veneer Braces);
  • Unevenly worn down front and back teeth, which makes eating challenging;
  • Crooked teeth caused by grinding at night while sleeping

Think Veneers Are Right for You? Stop by Saybrook Family Dental Care Today!

If you want to make your teeth last longer by protecting them from damage, veneers are the right choice. Stop by Saybrook Family Dental Care and let us get started helping you today.